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Bohemian crystal

joint-stock company, has been continuing successfully in a tradition of a high-quality crystal production at the Josefodol Glassworks, founded in 1861 by Mr. Josef Schreiber, a businessman from Vienna. The company is located in the picturesque valley of the Sázava river, close to the town of Světlá nad Sázavou, in the region of Highlands of Bohemia.

During the totalitarian system the factory had been nationalized in favor of the state-owned Bohemia trust. In 1994, after the subsequent privatization, the plant was renamed to CAESAR CRYSTAL BOHEMIAE, a.s., according to the last private owners, the Císař brothers (equals to CAESAR), the legacy of whom the present factory owners claim.

At the Josefodol factory, 24 % lead crystal is being mouth-blown and hand-cut. By adopting the old time-proven traditions that are used together with the contemporary decoration designs, the extraordinarily fine crystal beauty is being shaped here. This is happening thanks to the efforts of highly skilled glass designers, either our employees (above all Mr. Zdeněk Kunst and Mr. S. Machek) or external contributors.

Throughout several decades the unique products made of colored overlay (cased) cut crystal have been manufactured in Josefodol. These products are, thanks to a highly qualified craftsmanship and most elaborate processing, known all over the world.

During production, the cased crystal - a crystal clear base is being covered by a layer of colored crystal (hot working process). During the process of refinement - cutting - this upper colored layer is being cut through by means of diamond wheels. Thus one can experience the unforgettable effects of cut decoration, contrast of color, crystal and light.

Based on a highest possible quality of production, CAESAR CRYSTAL BOHEMIAE, a.s. has became a holder of Certificate of Quality CZECH MADE in 1995.

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